What People Are Saying

February 8, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

A little over 8 years ago Wexford Laboratories needed to move to a new office space.  We met the people at Rising Sun Mills and Armory Management Cornpany.  They helped us build out our space to our exact requirements.  They worked with us to identify our company’s space requirements and personnel needs.  They came up with excellent designs for the office spacec They went above and beyond our expectations in each area.  They completed all the work on schedule and as specified.  After a few years we expanded into more space and the great service and support continued.

During our time here the services, follow up, maintenance, snow removal, and all aspects for support have been superlative.

As our company continues to grow we have decided to buy our own offices.  If we would have continued leasing it would have been here at Rising Sun Mills. We believe the office space built for us at Rising Sun helped our small company to grow, attract high level applicants and impress our customers.

Mark and his team have been very good to us and we will always appreciate their help and support. I am happy to provide any further information about our experience here at Rising Sun Mills.

Thank you and best regards,

Thomas R. Factor

President, Wexford Laboratories



I just want to express my thanks to the maintenance crew for getting the snow removed as best as they can, clearing the walk way to the driveway, and restoring the heat. I know the blizzard was a trying time for all of us and I appreciate how your company has taken care of everything. Cory and I appreciate it very much.

Hope you have a nice day,

1582 Westminster St



Armory Revival are a tremendous landlord. They go above and beyond to attract new businesses into their locations by offering competitive rates and terms and then helping the business owner get the build-out completed. They maintain their properties to excellent standards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and new business to the Armory Revival team.




Hi there,

I love working for Armory Management Company.  It is really great to be part of a company that has done so much for the community.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such great people, in such a fantastic place.  Having seen virtually every part of this company working in action, I can honestly say that there is nowhere else I’d rather spend my time.  Everyone at this company has a big heart, and it is truly a privilege to work toward the same goal of improving the neighborhood and being good role models, day-in and day-out, one task at a time.  I hope that we are able to make you feel this same way, every time you interact with us.


Peter Van Noppen

Director of Sustainability, Armory Management Company